Talented young Dorset actor Jamie hits Brighton’s mods and rockers battlefield

It’s good to hear that two years after shooting and then being left on the covid shelf as release dates came and went, the film Brighton finally gets a digital release tomorrow.

Based on a Steven Berkoff play, it stars Phil Davis and Larry Lamb as a pair of ageing and decidedly non-PC East London rockers returning to Brighton – the battleground of their clashes with sixties mods – for the first time in 40 years.

Jamie Bacon Brighton
Jamie as a young rocker in Brighton

It also features flashbacks to their youth with up and coming Dorset film and TV actor Jamie Bacon playing the young version of the Larry Lamb character.

“It was so enjoyable,” he told me. “Being able to watch really experienced actors like Larry and Phil at work was such a privilege. You can learn a huge amount from people like that.”

Sounds like a great movie. Can’t wait!

For Jamie’s full story go to my January 2020 interview with him on these pages.

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