Eddie Izzard

Eddie Izzard Stripped

HE’S a nice middle-class boy from Sussex who just happens to be built like a brick shithouse and has a penchant for dressing in skirts and high heels. He also runs marathons, though he does this in conventional running shoes. 

Eddie Izzard is an accomplished linguist, an award-winning stage and screen actor with a mantelpiece full of gongs from the West End and Broadway to prove his luvvie credentials

And that’s before we even start on the comedy – a discipline in which this multi-talented performer is exceptionally talented.

Needless to say when his latest one-man stage show  rolled into Bournemouth last night the audience were not disappointed.

Izzard hit the stage in full make-up, dressed in leather mini-skirt, sexy boots, scarlet plunging neckline and blue frock coat. His set resembled the bottom of a particularly exotic aquarium.

Judging by the applause, his flamboyant appearance alone would have been enough for most of the audience. But there was more to this show than superficial style, it offered plenty of substance too.

This was a chance to see Izzard doing what he does best, a couple of hours of brilliant, unadulterated stand-up comedy.

Tripping from one surreal verbal riff to another, this extraordinary performer treated us to his thoughts on everything from horses to firemen’s poles, American immigration to superheroes, greyhound racing to Greek mythology. 

There was no stopping him. He stormed from one flight of astonishing fancy to another, executed a quick change in the interval (a long, glittering black skirt slashed to the thigh this time around), and eventually managed to bring  his extraordinary act to an end with his own little selection of seriously weird impressions. 

Izzard is undoubtedly a comic genius. But this was his first live stand-up show in four years and quite where his comedy act can go from here is unclear. 

Jeremy Miles

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