Circus of Horrors

Somewhere between Captain Dan the demon dwarf opening a beer bottle with his eye socket and lavishly tattooed sword swallower Hannibal Helmurto dangling a railway sleeper from the meat hook through his nose came the seriously weird stuff.

Yes folks, the world of freak show is alive and well  and heading for a town near you as the Circus of Horrors rattles around the British Isles with its latest gore-drenched offering, The Day of the Dead.

With master of ceremonies Docktor Haze (think Riff-Raff’s criminally insane brother) at the helm, this cavalcade of over-the-top oddities dish up a compelling mix of circus, illusion and bone-crunching, sinew-ripping contortions.

If you fancy an evening of whips, knives and fire in the company of people with forked tongues, floating ribs, strange piercings and 40,000-year-old mammoth ivory tooth implants, this is the show for you.

And that’s before they even start doing unspeakable things with vacuum cleaners. 

Complete with its own house band, The Circus Of Horrors delivers an evening of good clean filthy fun on a three month tour  that will bring it to Bournemouth Pavilion on March 11, Salisbury City Hall on March 12 and Southampton Guildhall on March 15.

Jeremy Miles

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