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Jeremy Miles at America After the Fall -  Royal Academy. London, March 2017     Photo: Hattie Miles

Welcome to Dancing Ledge

Welcome to dancingledge.com - the website of writer and sometime photographer Jeremy Miles. For more than 45 years Jeremy has contributed to countless national and regional newspapers and magazines.

He often works with his wife, the photographer Hattie Miles. Their ability to capture the wonderful quirks of everyday life in words and pictures has kept them in constant work for decades. Miles and Miles are a class act. They deliver high quality material quickly, efficiently and on time.

They have travelled the world on assignments that have taken them from the jungles of Cambodia and Laos to the city-scapes of London, Paris, Rome and New York. From Hanoi to Hong Kong from Thailand to Tennessee, Barcelona to Berlin, the Nile to Niagara, Sydney to Sausolito and Delhi to Detroit.  Whether home or abroad they provide pithy insights into the nitty-gritty of our ceaselessly wonderful world. 

This site offers some examples of their work: a heady mix of art, theatre, music, photography, film, travel and even a spot of gardening. It contains a collection of fine features, stunning photographs, interviews, reviews and the occasional opinion piece. Stories about art, culture, life and just having a good time. There's an archive of old work too. Just follow the links and prepare to be amazed, amused and maybe even a little impressed! 

By the way if you want to see more you can find Hattie's own amazing website at www.hattiemiles.com


Musical musings

Bob Dylan - Desert Trip, California, Friday 14th October 2016, the day after it was announced that he had been awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature. 

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